We pride ourselves on the feedback we receive from our customers. Not only is it satisfying to hear about people's personal experiences of moving into their new home, but also because we're always striving to improve the homebuilding journey.
Our journey while building our dream home has been without a doubt the most exciting experience we could have ever imagined.
Kind words from Simonds customers
  • First impressions of Simonds was courtesy and professionalism to a T when I walked through the display homes door at Estuary Estate Leopold.
    Michael Kelly and his partner were friendly and patient with me due to the 2 million questions I first asked. He answered all of them to my surprise. A wealth of knowledge is a good place to start.
    Between us, my partner and I had owned 4 houses prior but had never built due to the bad publicity of other people having headaches with their own building experiences.
    Michael put our minds at ease when he said he could be flexible with the plans we chose. I think we put him through hell quoting 3 or 5 different plans with approximately 5 to 25 changes per plan.
    He was very quick in following up all the quotes and we finally decide on one. Awesome! Why is this so easy we were thinking?
    Easy because Michael listened to our needs and was streets ahead of the other builders re info in the Estate.
    I signed up trusting what I was told and went on to the Simonds Gallery in Melbourne to choose colours etc.

    One thing I must say to people choosing colours and fittings for their home is to take the time to read what has been printed out through data entry at the Gallery. It does seem overwhelming at first however the people there are patient, putting you at ease step by step not rushing you into anything. You can always reflect and go back they said when you were absorbing so much info, which we did. You need a break too which was never an issue.
    I was then introduced to my CRC Latecia Ray who asked me if I completely understood everything that was about to take place and after several questions of mine the internal wheels of my build started to turn.
    Again, 2 million questions for poor Latecia arose to which every one was answered. Nothing was too much trouble and every phone call was returned with a specific answer to any of my queries.
    My next appointment was with the introduction to my building supervisor Micheal Talent. I informed him I was extremely fastidious with quality of work of the build and very fussy with the finish. I told him that if he didn't pick up any faults that the tradies had left behind that I would, in no uncertain terms!
    Michael true to his word made sure I could only pick a few scuff marks on paintwork due to the carpet layers (which he told me there would be during final inspection).
    I can't stress enough that the people I have dealt with at Simonds Geelong have been courteous and professional at times where I had thought there was no support network in place with building a new home however that has not been the case.

    Thank you to the office staff who took me through the contract signing and overseeing stage as well. (their names escape me, but they know who they are).
    To say that building a new home is a headache has not been a common practice in my instance and the quality of build with their tradies is second to none.
    A special thank you to Michael Kelly for his knowledge within the Estate, fast quoting skills and building design, Latecia Ray for her outstanding customer service and follow ups and Micheal Talent for his great work ethic whilst supervising his tradies and returning phone calls.
    If I ever built again I know where I would go and have already recommended numerous friends who have bought land to build their dream home.

    Cheers and thank you guys,


  • Ben, Felix, Tilly and I just wanted to say a huge huge thank you. We have questioned ourselves on more than one occasion during our build process, and every time you guys have been there to help us along and reassure us everything was going to be okay. And it was!

    We are absolutely wrapped with the finished product and wanted to say thank you for the outstanding customer service we've received.

    You guys are all a credit to Simonds and we will certainly go out of our way to make sure our positive experience is conveyed to as many people that will listen.

    Also, we wanted to say a big thanks to Jak. He was the initial person we dealt with at Simonds and was quick to return emails and really looked after us as far as helping pick the perfect block goes. We felt everyone has always been looking after our best interests, and especially before we came back to Australia, which was really comforting.

    Have a great Easter and if any of you are in the area, please stop in for a cuppa! , With the biggest thanks, from the bottom of our hearts,

    Ben, Becc, Felix & Tilly

  • Today I was able to put down a deposit for a lot at Sherwood Park stage 12. Thank you for making my dream come true! I really appreciate the support and the stand you made to allocate the land for us. It was very gratifying to receive the phone call confirming the details, it was music to my ears.

    Again, I'd like to express my gratitude for all of the hours and hard work that you put in to get the plot. You really make the Simonds words "When you build with Simonds, We're in it together" true :) Really appreciate your efforts and the great lengths you have gone to help us.

    Best Regards,

    Jos & Shyno

  • Dear Sir,

    We are writing to you to express satisfaction with our new home. Which we moved into a little over a year ago.

    Its furnish is excellent and we have no problems at all.

    We also wish to thank your supervisor Mr Daniel for his attention to detail and overall finish.

    Yours faithfully,


  • My partner and I had the pleasure of working with a cooperative sales and finance team with Simonds, namely Chris and Usman. Both representatives have been with us through the entire sales and finance stage and have a wealth of knowledge, making it easy and understandable. We strongly recommend both Chris and Usman as their organisation, knowledge and understanding enabled us to feel comfortable in making the biggest and most important purchase of our lives.

    Speak soon.


  • Dear Tony,

    Although it has been some months since we first met to talk about my new investment house, I thought you deserve to be thanked for all the assistance with the captioned property. Thanks to you and your innocative adjustments to the original plan, I now have a wonderful house which is admired by my whole family. You went out of the way to accommodate the demanding and complicated needs of the developer (Vicurban) which I believe was very complicated. If not for you I would not have the approval so fast and complete my house ahead of time within 4 months.

    This is my second house with Simmonds for the past 3 years and thanks to you and your staff and the professional approach I will have no hesitations to build my third house with you as well.

    Wishing you a Happy Easter and look forward to catching up with you for a coffee when i am in Officer next time.

    Have a lovely week ahead.

    Best regards from my whole family.


  • Hello to you all.

    My husband and I feel it is appropriate that we share our feelings with you in regards to the experience we have just been through building with Simonds. One reads about others’ building experience as being a nightmare and traumatic, with no end of problems, headaches and complications but if you read on you will see ours was nowhere near any of that.

    We signed our contract with Simonds late in May being advised that we would, most probably, be able to move into our house in early 2013...... On Wednesday 17th October we received the keys to our wonderful new home!!! We have been here almost a month and we couldn’t be happier.

    From the onset we felt we were in very capable hands and when we personally met both our CRC Emilia and our Site Manager Paul, our feelings were confirmed. Emilia has followed us every step of the journey, from chasing of documents to liaising with the bank whilst Paul has ensured that the house has met the very high standards that both Simonds and he himself has.

    We could not have wished for better customer service than that which we found and receive from both these people. They are a credit to your company and a pleasure to deal with. They are both highly professional, caring and thorough. We would have no hesitation in recommending Simonds as the company to build with and hope that more people have the fortune of being assigned both Emilia and Paul.

    We would like to hope that some form of recognition be made to both these employees and look forward to spending lots of quality time in our new home in the years ahead.

    Yours sincerely,

    Anna & Silvio

  • Hi Jo,

    I would just like to let you know, Mat and i have been going to our house twice a week to see the progress. The builders that are working on the house are so efficent and they have done great work. We are so very pleased with simonds and would like to Thank you for you help alond our journey.

    There have been some stressful times but building a house is never easy. I know you are leaving soon so i wanted to make sure you have a massive thank you from us before you left.

    We would also like to arrange an inspection with Troy before we go away so we can see the inside of the house. I know it will be lock up stage soon which is so exciting.

    Bhavesh has informed me all of the invoices have been paid and i have paid the variation money on the property.

    Speak Soon.


  • Hi Sara,

    Hope you have had a great chrissy and new year and hope you got to get away for a bit.

    I cant believe it has been 3 months already! but in saying that it feels like that this has always been my home, im so in love with the house!

    I have attached the report I needed to give back at the 3 months... all I have done on it is written my current contact details on there. We do not have anything that needs to be fixed. :)

    I want to say a massive thank you to yourself, Rocco and Jamal Chahbi for making our experience in building our first home so enjoyable.

    We only have good things to say about the service and quality of everything Simonds have done for us.

    From the moment we walked in the display Jamal was only as helpful as ever. Jamal was very knowledgable about the house and the process in building with Simonds! Jamal Spent many hours with us helping us pick all our features and get to the next stage. You Sara have been great correspondence always great timing and always keeping me up to date with every thing i needed to know, thank you.

    And Rocco couldnt have asked for anyone better to build my house. Rocco was wonderful, we had constant updates at all stages from Rocco.

    At all the stages of the building process everyone was more than happy to help us out when ever we had any questions.

    Thank you so much again.

    Dannii & Mason

  • Hi Guys,

    From our customer service representative, to our building supervisor and even post build through to our maintenance inspector this experience has been exquisite. In a situation where the land developer was 2.5 years behind schedule and a bank who could not keep tabs on their own processes it was a breath of fresh air to have our requests about the house dealt with, not only in a timely manner but to be offered real and actionable solutions.

    Emilia did an incredible job in advocating for our needs while maintaining the needs of the business. The mark of a great people person!

    Adam worked wonders to deliver the house well under the allocated time frame, more important than that was the level of quality that was maintained. Yes there were a few small issues that needed to be rectified but it is the way in which they were handled that really stands out.

    And just today, to have Mario come over and really listen to our concerns (the few we have) and take the time to explain the finer details of home building to us...this was just the icing on the cake.

    This is our first family house and I could not be more pleased with it. I take pride in telling people that Simonds built our home and it was the great people along the way that helped make it what it is today.

    Thanks to you and the team for making this dream of ours a reality.



  • Dear Paul,

    My name is Chris and my wife is Janet. We moved into our new Simonds home at 27 (Lot 23) Tower Hill Court Kalimna on 10th of December 2012.

    Previously living at Wantirna we were only able to get down to Kalimna on one occasion to view the progress.

    The supervisor of our house Daniel always kept us well informed of the progress and we consider he treated the build of the house as if it was for himself.

    Our neighbours have remarked on the quality of the contractors chosen and the finish of our brickwork, roofing and slab drew positive comments as to their workmanship.

    Since we have moved in he has been very helpful and quick to follow up on anything that has required fixing.

    It has been an absolute pleasure dealing with Daniel so therefore we would like to commend him for his efforts in making our move to Kalimna an enjoyable experience.


    Chris & Janet

  • Dear Uta and Aaron,

    Please accept our sincere thanks for building us a beautiful home and for a friendly and easy experience throughout.

    Like most people, we did not really know what to expect when buying off the plan and choosing a builder, there were plenty of options and plenty of opinions.

    In the end we went with our gut instinct and it turned out to be right.

    Being a Marketing person I have high standards for sales process, relationships and companies doing what they say they will do, and can say with a high degree of comfort that you delivered on your promise, built us a lovely and secure home, and one we are extremely proud of and is envy of friends and family.

    Uta, thank you for giving me the comfort that you were there for us through the early stages when we were being challenged with a range of financial and legal issues outside of Simonds control, and for assuring me you were there for any problems as an escalation point.

    Aaron, thanks for being a regular guy, honest, trust worthy and for overseeing a top job. In the face of personal issues you didn’t leave me hanging and made sure the very few minor issues upon settlement were sorted within days.

    Finally, as an advocate of the great work you have done for us, we wanted to offer ourselves as a potential referee to any of your customers who are considering buying, but in the overkill of opinions, online reviews, competitive sales people and decision making, cant quite decide. We will happily give Simonds a great wrap.

    Thanks again, we look forward to upgrading in a few years to the Cleo, and will be in touch when we are ready to do so.

    Your Sincerely

    Daniel & Tunde

  • We would like to personally thank you and your team at Simonds Bendigo for your help whilst building our new home.

    We are very grateful for all your assistance. You always answered or returned our phone calls and anything we asked was never too much trouble.

    We are full of praise for you and your team in Bendigo and highly recommend the company to others looking to build.

    We have shown our appreciation for this in our local newspaper in the "thumbs up" section.

    Thank you for making the process of building our house enjoyable.

    Jamie & Rachel

  • Just thought I would let you know, our house in Botanic Ridge is already finished and we have been moved in for just over a week now.

    I wanted to thank you for your excellent service and tell you how delighted we are with our new home, it looks and feels amazing.

    Maybe one saturday after work you might like to come over and see the finished product, with Courtney and Sara Cross.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending you and Simonds to other people.

    Kind regards,


  • To Simonds and Team,

    The excitement of moving into a newly built home is hardly comparable to anything. Not only have we had a positive experience with Simonds, but every single one of the consultants, managers, supervisors and sub-contractors who helped us build this house are still servicing us as we need them.

    Firstly, we would like to give our gratitude and utmost thanks to Graham Gibson, as he was our first point of contact. Words cannot explain the help, support and guidance he provided throughout our building process. He was outstanding in the way he explained and outlined all the procedures and steps we had to go through.

    To be quiet honest with you, we were very afraid to take this big step in building our new home because we had various feedback before from family and friends who had built homes with other building companies, who they were not satisfied with their process but Graham was fantastic with every detail, and as I mentioned above we have not enough words to explain the appreciation for his honest and supportive help. We were also afraid as how the finance was going to work but once again Graham was there to explain and guide us in the right direction.

    Secondly, we would like to thank Hus, even though we didn’t get to meet him (because we work long hours at night and had no time during the day) he was fantastic with the help and support he gave us. He would contact us once or even twice a week to give us an update on what stage and process we were up to.

    Lastly but definitely not least, we would like to give a big thank you to Adam Wheatly. As our supervisors we constantly changing, Adam was our last supervisor we had. Even though he came very late in our building process he was EXCEPTIONAL in the way he provided his help, support, guidance and most of all being there for us in every possible way. His work ethic was very professional, courteous and knowledgeable, whenever we had any queries for him. When we moved into our new home, Adam was there for us in every possible way. He had organised all the tradesmen to come and get everything placed and fixed in the most highest satisfaction. He came to visit us various times to make sure everything was working well and if it wasn’t working well he gave the required tradesmen a call and they were on there way to fix what was required.

    In all our inspections Adam was informative in all the questions we asked and helpful with any of the changes we wanted to be done. Adam was very thorough, helpful and extremely dependable – he was on our speed dial! ☺

    Once again thank you Simonds, Graham, Hus and most of all Adam for our most wonderful and satisfying experience! In a few years time we are willing to do it again with the same people again that are mentioned on this letter.

    We wish you continued success.

    Warmest Regards,

    Lakovski Family

  • Just a note to commend Simonds of having such a dynamic team who worked on my houses.

    As a property investor I have worked with a number of builders. My experience with Simonds is by far the best in terms of customer service, efficiency and quality.

    From Max who sold me the packages, to Tony who made signing thick contracts in triplicates, to that most delightful and helpful Supervior Hash and of course yourself Jess with the weekly Friday updates, you all have made the building process a real no-nonsense, no-hassle... you’re in good cable hands experience!

    So confident was I during the whole building process that I felt comfortable going on a 2 months holiday towards the end of the project, knowing that the finished product will be ready for handover as scheduled for my tenants to move in. This I must credit Hash. He is the most obliging and spot-on site supervisor.

    I wish your team all the best and I look forward to new opportunities to work with each of you again.



  • We have recently begun the process of building a house with Simonds, and have had the pleasure of having Rachael (Wodonga branch) guiding us through our journey. She has been very honest, patient and hard working throughout the entire experience. During the many alterations to our quote, multiple late night meetings, guided walk throughs of the display home and countless emails, we have always felt that Rachael was doing the best for us and could understand our vision of how we wanted the house to be.

    Being first home owners, we were initially a little overwhelmed at the idea of building a house, but Rachael has made the experience very easy and quite enjoyable.

    We are confident that by the time handover comes around, that we will have a beautiful home which is exactly what we had envisioned. We would highly recommend that if you are considering building in the Albury-Wodonga region that you visit Rachael in her office and have a chat!

    Cannot wait for the next part of the process to begin!

    Campbell & Laura

  • We first met Jason when we drove from Bendigo to inspect the concrete slab and frame of our house back in January 2012. He had already been in touch with us by telephone prior to that to introduce himself and advise how things were progressing.

    We were very impressed with Jason at the first meeting. He has a friendly but business like manner. He made us feel at ease that he was in complete control of the supervision of building our new home. Those first impressions were very important to us.

    We have had many further inspections since then with Jason and found him to be very obliging and professional. There was never any hesitation on Jason's behalf when we could come down and inspect another stage of the house. He also took photos at different stages which were forwarded to us so that we could see how things were going. This was also very important to us.

    We feel Jason has developed a high level of organisational skills which enabled the construction of our house to go so smoothly. We always felt very comfortable that Jason was looking after everything for us. His attention to detail and insistence on high quality workmanship really impressed us. He is a very competent person and appears to get along really well with the various tradesmen and contractors he is involved with.

    We have a great deal of respect for Jason and feel his integrity is beyond reproach. He made us feel that our home was important to him to complete to a very high standard. Even though he was unwell on the day of our final inspection he still came to meet us to complete a very important journey for us i.e. the completion of the house.

    Hence your saying "We're in it together" certainly did apply to us. We always felt that Jason was looking after our interests in the building of our house which we are extremely happy with.

    We take this opportunity to thank Jason so much for all his support, help and supervision in the construction of our home. We wish Jason much good health and happiness in the future and wish him every success in any future venture he undertakes.

    Jeff & Chris

  • We have been in regular contact with Ainsley since approximately October 2011, this was before our house was started to be built. Once the settlement of the land was effected in the middle of December 2011 we had more frequent contact with her.

    Ainsley has been really wonderful to deal with. At the commencement of the building we were informed that the slab had been poured and were continually advised of each stage of the house. Photos which the building supervisor, Jason, took were sent through via Ainsley so we always had an update of what was happening. That was really important to us given that we lived in Bendigo and were unable to drive to Paynesville as often as we would have liked. We feel that Ainsley was sensitive to our needs given that we did not live in the district. She was always happy to liaise with Jason on our behalf in relation to inspections at various stages.

    It has been very important to us to know what was happening at each stage of our house and Ainsley always responded very quickly to our emails. We never had to wait long to get a response from her via email or a phone call.

    We believe Ainsley is a valuable employee at Simonds Homes and we take this opportunity to wish her all the best for the future and thank her for her great support throughout the building of our house which we are really happy with.

    Jeff & Chris

  • Dear Tony

    Although it has been some months since we first met to talk about my new investment house, I thought you deserve to be thanked for all the assistance with the captioned property. Thanks to you and your innovative adjustments to the original plan, I now have a wonderful house which is admired by my whole family. You went out of the way to accommodate the demanding and complicated needs of the developer (Vicurban) which I believe was very complicated. If not for you I would not have the approval so fast and complete my house ahead of time within 4 months.

    This is my second house with Simonds for the past 3 years and thanks to you and your staff and the professional approach I will have no hesitations to build my third house with you as well.

    Wishing you a Happy Easter and look forward to catching up with you for a coffee when I am in Officer next time.

    Have a lovely week ahead.

    Best regards from my whole family


  • I just thought that you may like to hear how wonderful your team in Ballarat are. We are about to finalise our new home and have been very well looked after by Kiera Vanzetta and Chris Stoel throughout the construction phase. They have been very friendly approachable and efficient in all aspects of the construction phase.

    I have been kept up to date with Kieras weekly updates by email and Chris has always been very friendly and professional in all dealings we have had with him. Any little things we may have noticed in the house were already addressed and corrected by Chris before we could mention them. His attention to detail is to be commended.

    Thanks for making our first building experience so positive. We are about to move into a fabulous home and will be recommending Simonds Ballarat to our friends.


    Tracey Bernard Wilson

  • Dear James,

    Approximately one year ago we met with you in Shepparton to move forward with construction on our new home at Undera. We discussed that we expect to build one of the best built homes Simonds have built if not the best. We have recently taken possession of our new home and consider this achieved. I would like to note that I have been very demanding and would like to acknowledge that we have found all Simonds staff with the exception of two (only one remains with the company at present) have met or gone beyond their job description and treated our home building as they would like themselves. I would especially acknowledge Adam Chubb and Ebony Mitchell for greatly expanding their regular duties to accommodate us outside their regular roles. I am also referring to yourself, Paul Mennen, Peter Holt, John Gilroy, Katrina Turner, and Ellen Pollard for excellent supporting roles. I understand you have had restructure and staff changes with some of these people unfortunately no longer with Simonds.

    We have experienced varied trades people from outstanding, good, to need to sharper their game a little to simply unacceptable but nothing unexpected within my expectations. Simonds need to recognise and look after your best staff and trades people as they are the company's reputation.

    Both Trish and I would genuinely like to thank all Simonds staff and contractors for the service and attention to detail received. We look forward to Simonds staff visiting next week to show you our lovely new home.

    We are very proud of our home and can recommend Simonds as a builder to others.

    Thank you and kind regards,


  • Thank you for your patience, for always getting back to me in a timely fashion, for always being polite and helpful and for making my first experience in home building as stress free as possible.

    An extra big thank you to you and Katrina for going out of your way to clear things with my new neighbour!

    Kindest regards,


  • I just wanted to provide some positive feedback on my recent experience with your staff throughout the process of building our new home.

    Michelle and I have had nothing but a positive experience building through Simonds and all of the staff involved in our contract really made building our first home a great experience.

    Steve McMenamin was just brilliant to deal with. We had looked at every builder in the area and decided to build with Simonds as a result of the Great service/confidence that Steve gave us from the very first meeting. Steve never made us feel rushed or pressured; he actively listened to our requests and after discussing numerous plans and showing us through some semi completed properties, as well as completing numerous quotes he found the plan that worked out to be everything that we wanted.

    Ainsley Welbourne was just absolutely brilliant all the way through our building period. Communication with Ainsley was effortless and regardless of the question Ainsley always got back to us in a timely and respectful manner. I found the effort that Ainsley applied to our contract made the process a lot easier than we had initially expected. We were always kept up to date and always contacted if anything had changed. Right up to the settlement appointment I found Ainsley to be nothing but a pleasure to deal with, she certainly made the service feel extremely personalised and went above and beyond to get the answers to our questions and ensure the construction was completed with as little disruption as possible-something that we are truly grateful for.

    For the majority of our building period Leigh Watkins was our site supervisor, again we found Leigh to be fantastic and very open and honest about progress on the site and any issues that arose. Leigh was never difficult to contact and always responded appropriately to all of our requests. Leigh ensured that we were able to inspect the property regularly and even ensured that we met some of the trade people that were completing works there. Leigh held the trade people to an extremely high quality of work that is clearly reflected in our finished home.

    During the last few weeks of construction Jason was assigned our new site manager. Even though Jason was only site manager for a couple of weeks he did a fantastic job ensuring our home was completed to the high standard of quality that we had come to expect and made us very aware that if there were any issues following hand over he was more than happy to assist us as much as possible.

    Over all we have been more than happy with the service we were given by all staff involved during the construction of our new home and want it known how much we appreciate each and every person's individual effort in delivering our home to us two months earlier than expected. We have both personally recommended Simonds to both our family and friends.

    We truly wish to thank Steve, Ainsley, Leigh and Jason for going above and beyond and making our experience so enjoyable.

    Thank you and Kind regards,

    Naomi & Michelle

  • We wished to acknowledge Grant Kellerman, Simonds sales consultant for his excellent job in recommending Simonds Homes to us. His patience and willingness to help us walk through the initial sales stage indeed really impressed us. I was 8 months pregnant when we first met Grant at one of Simonds display homes. I delivered a healthy baby boy during our dealing with Grant. Due to our inconveniences, Grant has been travelling so frequently to our home just to explain and deliver our dream home plan. We have many other home choices from other builders but Grant won our hearts with his positive attitude.

    We would also like to recognise and commend the services of Emma Thompson, our Customer Relations Coordinator. She has been critical to this entire process and our transactions with Simonds. It has been a long and tedious process which has frustrated us many times but her perseverance and patience in helping us has made it somewhat less painful. She has assisted us by frequently updating us on the contract/project status, helping to effect any changes/upgrades and hastening the processes. She is indeed a treasure to your company and we are very grateful to her. Please do let her know that she is doing a wonderful job. Her saying "We're in together" indeed makes me feel more confident with Simonds ability to deliver our dream home. Our sincere thank you to Emma.

    Our home is under construction now and we are looking forward to see our dream home soon. Thank you Simonds for making our dream home come true soon.


    Hailey & Kelvin

  • Having recently built a Turin design Simonds home we wish to inform you of our satisfaction with the house and most importantly the building process from you Bairnsdale Regional Office staff.

    From our initial walk through your display home (as well as other builders) we were extremely comfortable with your sales staff member Chris Cullen. His knowledge of his product and Simonds systems, and his ability to convey that to us left us very comfortable with the initial sign up with Simonds. We certainly did not feel pressured or coerced to sign up at any stage. His patience and assistance to work through the many changes we requested made our decision to buy very easy.

    Monique Cameron was also excellent as our customer service officer, her friendly and efficient manner was always reliable, consistent and readily available to address any issue as it arose.

    The building of the house took a very pleasing 5 months to complete. Your supervisor Daniel Carroll was excellent as project manager, at our first meeting he told us "I am going to build you a good house" and he did.

    He has the ability to communicate well with all involved in the building process. The tradesmen and suppliers respect and work well for him because he respects them in return and his requirement for quality workmanship is evident in the quality of this house.
    We commend him for his commitment to us as owners, Simonds homes and his pride in his work, the end result is the reward.

    As a former employer, people of the calibre of these people are hard to find and even harder to keep, they are the very best asset a company can have and we certainly hope they are well rewarded for their excellent work ethic.

    Yours truly.

    Steve & Julie

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    We wish to inform you of our dealings with Michael Sokolowski, Sales Consultant for Simonds Homes. Since our very first visit to the display house at Epsom, it has been a real pleasure to have dealings with Michael, he is very courteous, knowledgeable of the product and more than very helpful with his advise in helping us choose our Simonds Home ( Leon 2514 ) which is currently under construction.

    We had visited 5 other Building Companies prior to choosing Simonds to build our home. The reasons we chose Simonds Homes was the help given to us by Michael Sokolowski and his expertise in relation to explaining to us the benefits etc and the general plan of the home we decided on. We honestly feel that Michael is a real asset to Simonds Homes in his role of Sales Consultant etc.

    Yours faithfully,

    Lindsay & Mary

  • To whom may it concern:

    Julia and I would just like to comment on how great dealing with Jolanda and Simonds has been so far.

    We have been helped and guided every step of the way through the planning stage of the house. Rarely felt any pressure to do something or add something to our home. We have always been welcomed with a smile and a coffee every time we have come to discuss something. Time has never seemed to be a problem for the staff, and they have been nothing but obliging from the get go.

    When I originally stopped off, at Simonds display homes in Shepparton, I had very little idea as to what I was after or how the whole process worked. The team there took us through it step by step. Explaining the best options in regards to the entire process, from purchasing land and the financing, to the building of the house itself. They explained the what, the why, and the how. So we could then go out and organise ourselves with very few worries. They made me feel at ease with a process that I was feeling very overwhelmed with when I first walked through the doors.

    Jo has listened to what we are after and gone to great lengths to make it happen, taking into account our budget, and our insane ideas to help create what we think is the perfect house for us. Jo has given us ideas and guidance all the way through the project so far and we thank her very much for this. She has even gone as far as visiting the blow on her own time to see if what we are asking would be suitable.

    I was very impressed by the service, even more so when I received an email explaining that the survey pegs had gone missing, and that we should have it written into the contract of sale with land developer or else we would have to pay extra before Simonds could commence building. It might not seem much, but thought the sales rep had gone to that extra length to save us money was very much appreciated.

    Julia and I are only hoping that the rest of the construction and planning is as easy and joyful as the stages we have already gone through with your display home team at Simonds Shepparton.

    Looking forward to building,

    Alex & Julia

  • To whom may it concern,

    I would just like to thank Simonds Homes for my brand new home. The whole process has been so easy and I didn't think that they could make it so stress free. From the moment I met Michael Cigana in Wodonga to discuss my interest in building in Wangaratta it has been such an easy step to take. Michael helped me with several choices of blocks and also some great designs as well.

    When I chose what I wanted we then moved forward and started going through it all. From that point I went and picked all my colours in Shepparton at the Simonds Gallery which was an absolute fantastic day and they made it so easy with all the choices right in front of you and also the interior designer they assign for the day is a really great help in matching colours etc.

    As I have been in my home for just over 6 months it has been great and now the fun starts with landscaping etc.

    Thank you Simonds for giving me my dream of home ownership and also making it such a great and easy journey.

    PS. I can't wait until next year so I can do it all again.



  • From the moment I stepped into the Simonds display house in Shepparton I was impressed with the professionalism, product knowledge and customer service from everyone I dealt with. Being an interstate investor I found the process of building a new home was made extremely easy.

    The above and beyond assistance and advice from my customer service officer, Catherine Larkin has ensured I would be more than happy building with Simonds again. The value for money, attention to detail and quality craftsmanship it one Simonds should be proud of and has illustrated to me why they are award winning builders. Very happy with my new home, thanks again.


  • Dear Bruce, Catherine and the team at Simonds,

    We can not thank you enough for helping us create and build our new home. We have had many comments from our family and friends about how nice our house is.

    From the time we first walked into the display home to the day we moved into our house, everyone was always very professional and nothing was ever too much trouble whenever we had any questions. We always tell people how great Simonds were to build with and would not hesitate to build with them again.

    Debbie & Shaun

  • Dear Simonds,

    In general we are very happy with our Simonds home. The floor plan is excellent and the overall appearance of the home is great. It is a very liveable home and we are very pleased and proud to own our Simonds homes.

    We have had many enquiries about the house and requests from strangers to look through, which we have often obliged and have recommended Simonds Homes as a quality and reliable company.

    Yours sincerely,

    Terry & Maria

  • In January this year we moved into our new Simonds house in Cardigan Village, near Ballarat, and I am writing to tell you what a good experience we had, from the first meeting with the salesman, Jeff Simmonds, continuing on with Adrian Willingham, the site supervisor.

    We had not previously built a house before, and were anxious about the whole process after reading many dreadfully adverse comments about various volume builders (including Simonds). In face, were it not for Jeff's assistance, reassurance, friendliness and professionalism, we would not have built with Simonds but would have sought out a small local builder. Jeff was able to set our minds at rest over every enquiry I had and he also pointed out that, building in the Ballarat area, we would have local tradesman doing all the work and it would be not unlike a local builder building the house. He also assured us that the site supervisor was also local and 'was one of the best' and that we would have weekly updates from the customer services officer. So Jeff was the key in choosing Simonds.

    With Jeff at the helm all the planning process went very smoothly and quickly; next came the building, under the guidance of Adrian, and I cannot speak highly enough of him. He returned calls quickly, answered all questions patiently, his supervision of the tradesmen must have been perfect as we could find nothing to complain of in the construction of the house (this is contrast to our neighbours, who built with another volume builder, and are so unhappy with the quality they don't want to remain in their house). The house was also completed in 4 months, which I understand is a very short construction time. His professionalism is also of the highest order. Definitely an asset that Simonds should be proud of.

    Both Jeff and Adrian turned what was expected to be a most stressful experience (traumatic even, if one read the reviews of other builders) into a smoothly operated and pleasant one. This was especially appreciated as were living in Tasmania throughout the whole building period. In addition, all other Simonds employees that we dealt with were helpful and friendly.

    So, what more is they to say? I am glad that we chose Simonds, and I am thankful that Jeff and Adrian were there to look after us; I have no doubt that Simonds always tries to employ the best, but, in having these two to look after your interests in the Ballrat area you have succeeded in actually getting the best.

    Kind regards,


  • Just wanted to send through this email to let you know that Rebecca and Noel are a great asset to your team.

    We brought a home built by Simonds which settled in July 2009 but sat vacant until we moved in January 2011. As you suspect, little problems don't appear until you've lived there and tested everything out. In our first month we've had the air con not working, leaking from the roof through the light sockets, gaps in windows and from last Friday's storms heavy leaking in our garage which caused it to flood slightly. Poor Rebecca has taken all my calls and never once was she inpatient and in fact she is efficient and prompt in responding. Today, Noel came out to assess the windows and garage. He was fantastic, punctual and super easy to talk to. He even took off his shoes which such a respectful thing to do. Very impressed.

    We have heard a lot of not so pleasant stories about Simonds so I thought it would be nice to share with you a more pleasant experience. Please forward my thanks and appreciation to both Rebecca and Noel.

    On a side note, Stay Cool were also fantastic and came out 4 times to fix the air con. We had 4 different contractors come out from Stay Cool and all were punctual and professional.

    Have a great weekend. Kind regards,


  • To whom it may concern,

    When we decided to build with Simonds Homes we were imaginably excited after a rough start the excitement soon faded and we began to reassess our decision. After much discussion we finally signed the contract.

    After our first meeting with Billy our minds were soon at ease. He was aware of our background and we were pleasantly surprised that he genuinely showed empathy and a willingness to make the building processes as smooth as possible.

    Billy was constantly in contact with us and at every site meeting kept us up to date on the building progress.

    We were also encouraged to constantly give feedback on our home and should a problem arise Billy was eager and prompt to see it get rectified in a timely manner. Which shows a great relation between a building supervisor and the trades people.

    We are very happy with our new home and the craftsmanship that it has been built with.

    After the building process was complete Billy has stayed in contact with us.

    I would have no hesitation in recommending Billy to any future builders.

    Kind Regards,

    Anthony & Denise

  • Although we completed a survey we wanted to pass on how happy we are with the level of service Danny Parker has given us.

    We were about to sign a building contract another company when we decided to take our children for a walk while a last minute change was being made and we happen to meet Danny, after a conversation we decided to wait to sign our contract and we returned to your display home the next day to see Danny and discuss a Simonds home.

    Danny from the start has provided customer service above our expectations and above any provided by your competitors, nothing has been too much hassle and he has always come back to us within a short time frame even if it was to say he was still working on our question / request.

    We feel Danny is a absolute asset to your company and we would not have been purchasing a Simonds home if not for his level of service.



  • We just wanted to say again... a BIG Thank you for all your help. As far as all the CRC's go (and we had a few!) you were certainly the most efficient and prompt in getting back to us and keeping us informed on what was happening. It definitely made the process a lot easier towards the end considering we live in Bendigo and Darren in Melbourne.

    Ossie, our Site Supervisor was also absolutely Fantastic to deal with. He always returned my calls same day (usually within the hour!) and followed up on requests/queries straight away. Nothing was too much trouble for him!

    The house looks great! We are very happy with everything.

    So thanks again. Have a lovely Christmas Casey, and a nice break from work!



  • I am pleased to be writing a testimony about our adventure with Simonds. From the moment my husband & I walked through the door of the Simonds display home at Shepparton, we were greeted with a friendly smile & enthusiasm from the team there. Upon entering the display homes we could easily see that there was much attention to detail, with quality fittings in the Simonds homes. We had decided then and there after many years of looking for our dream experience that we were definitely going to dream it and do it with Simonds.

    Their motto, "At Simonds we are in it together", and believe me they have been with us all the way. I cannot fault any team member, they work with passion and take pride in their work, from the first person we met, Mr Peter Muggleton (Sales Consultant ) whom I must say is a wealth of information and a true gentleman exuding with enthusiasm about the Simonds experience.

    Our journey while building our dream home has been without a doubt the most exciting experience we could have ever imagined. The Planning of our home, choosing our colours & fittings, meeting the fabulous & specially chosen trade"s men & women who have helped turn our dream into a reality. Their craftsmanship is second to none. We have on board the best site manager Mr. Glenn Wicks. This gentleman has the awesome task of overseeing that all work is done to regulation requirements and to a standard that is of first class perfection. Simonds do not accept anything less. My husband & I cannot thank enough everyone who has shared in our journey.

    Thank you all for making our building experiences a wonderful one. Who said building was a trying & stressful time? Obviously those who have not had the pleasure to build with Simonds.

    Ian & Di

  • Dear Sir/Madam,

    I am writing this letter to tell you how impressed I am with your company.

    We built our home in Taylors Hill December 2004. From the first time I walked into the display home and spoke with Dianne who was fantastic, to building the home with Sash, it was smooth sailing from start to end.

    Even though there were some minor problems during building, they were rectified quickly and with no fuss.

    We have been in our home for 5 years and I have had cracks in my home. One phone call to Lorna and within a few days Cory was there to assess the matter. Within a few days a friendly tradesman was there to fix the problem.

    My husband and I cannot believe how professional, reliable and friendly all your staff are.

    Your customer service has been so great, it is a rarity these days.

    It has been a real pleasure dealing with everyone. You should be proud and honoured to have such a great team. So congratulations to Simonds and thank you once again for everything. I would recommend your company to anyone who is thinking of building.

    Yours sincerely,


  • The pace at which our new home is being built is fantastic and as you can imagine I'm excited to be building a new home and probably drive my workmates and friends mad with the constant updates. Everyone I speak to is amazed it's all happening so quickly, which makes me feel very pleased we picked the right building company to build our home. Some of the building 'horror' stories I have heard is incredible and the trouble other people have had. We have found all of the Simonds people to be exceptionally friendly and efficient. So thanks very much.

    Nicole & Peter

  • Simonds has been one of the most professional builders we have come across. The people, the process and the price that Simonds have make the process of Home building as seamless as possible. The display houses in Simonds are beautiful and the designs are varied across so that its affordable for everyone. When we first started with Simonds, our sales consultant Ainsley explained the process very well and offered us the quote in the beginning so it helped us to work out our finance accordingly. After signing the contract, our CSO Jo Perri, helped us with her professional Customer Service and offered us prompt response each and every time we had a concern. It is because of the people and the service that I recommended 3 of my other friends with Simonds and the experience has been really satisfying for all of us.


  • To Troy and everyone involved in the build of our home. We are extremely pleased with our house and wish to thank you all for doing such a wonderful job.

    Sharon & Graham

  • Dear Craig and the Simonds team, many thanks for your hard work, dedication and speed at completing our house.

    Asha, Ken & Arjan

  • We finally settled on 5th Oct., then moved on 8th Oct. It was very tiring, considering that there were so many work to be done in our old home to get ready for the tenants. Anyway, going back to the house, it is so so beautiful. After 5 days of very hot weather, can you believe this - we haven't used the cooling as yet? Must be how the house was positioned, must be because of the sliding doors or the high ceiling. As at yesterday, the landscaping has been finished. It was worth the wait, and of course I keep staring at our tiles. Thanks for all your help and take care.


  • This morning, we came to see our constructing house. It looks fantastic, your team's doing an amazing job, well done!

    Hoang and Thao

  • We have noticed (mostly daily!!) our house rocketing along. All in all, things are appearing onsite as we have anticipated and expected, which is a credit to the Simonds design and build path, and the process we have been engaged with so far - hence, we are both very happy with the product so far!


  • Simonds Homes motto that says we're in it together is really true. The whole journey has been handled exceptionally well throughout the entire process and my wife and myself couldn't be happier. I have been working in the housing industry for twenty eight years and was impressed with the value for money that Simonds offer and this is the first company that I have decided to build with. We also encouraged our son who is a first home buyer to put his trust in Simonds Homes and they have excelled in all areas and he is also very impressed. I should also note that I work for Simonds as a sales consultant and I can only sell a product that I believe in and product that delivers on its promises. The building experience has only increased my enthusiasm for this fabulous family owned company and I'm currently looking at building another one as an investment property. Finally thanks to all of the staff and subcontractors that have done sure a wonderful job with both homes.

    Peter Muggleton

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