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We understand that building your new home is a very important investment, both emotionally and financially. And we're committed to ensuring that every part of the process runs smoothly.

We're always there to assist you with important decisions like choosing your home design, selecting the right finance package or even selecting a colour. Even if it's just to put your mind at ease, we're only a phone call away. And we'll be there long after you've moved in to help you with any tips or questions.


This can be done by either calling our head office or visiting one of Simonds Homes' conveniently located display centres. Our experienced consultants will show you a range of homes that Simonds offers to best suit your needs and importantly your budget.

An experienced Building and Finance Consultants will be able to advise you on how much you can borrow. They will also be able to advise the best finance for your needs, either our No Deposit Home Loan or finance from one of a number of banks. Your Sales Consultant will arrange an obligation free appointment.

In order for your Finance Consultant to apply for a finance Pre-approval, to determine your borrowing budget, they will need to obtain some paperwork...

While you are waiting for your finance Pre-approval you can start looking at land.

  • An area with good growth potential
  • Adequate services - parklands close by, public transport, shops, schools etc.
  • Relatively level site - to reduce excessive site works
  • Correct solar orientation taking into account your preference of home design

You also have the choice of choosing from a wide range of House and Land Packages that our Simonds Homes specialists have prepared, available at display locations.

Once you have selected a block of land or a prepared package and your finance Pre-approval is in place you will need to:

  • Sign a land contract - your Sales Consultant will advise you of what clauses you will need to include in your land contract before signing
  • Pay a deposit on the land you have chosen
  • Provide a signed copy to your Sales Consultant

Time to discuss your requirements with our Sales Consultants because everyone's tastes, style requirements and block sizes differ. Your Sales Consultant's years of experience, will assist you to choose your perfect home. The design process has many points to consider, such as:

  • Type of accommodation you are looking for, i.e. how many bedrooms, bathrooms, etc.
  • Maximising the solar potential of your new home with correct orientation on your block
  • The exterior facade with the look you are trying to achieve on your new home
  • The integration between indoor & outdoor areas to suit YOUR lifestyle
  • Local council guidelines and planning codes
  • Budget
  • Time frames

We will then provide you with a preliminary Design Assessment with any upgrades that you may require or wish to include. This Design Assessment contains a quote for Simonds Homes to construct your new home. Some of the construction costs, such as site costs, are not confirmed at this stage as they are dependant on a contour survey and soil test. Any costs which are not fixed and require further information are noted as Provisional Sums (PS).


At this stage you have chosen the plan, completed the specification and been presented with a quote for your new home. The next stage is for you to authorise your Contract Preparation.

This agreement is completed with your New Home Sales Consultant and authorises Simonds to commence preparation of your contract documents. A deposit is also required at this point for the home.

For the preparation of contract documents we will need to organise a contour survey and have the engineer visit the site for a soil sample.

You will be introduced to your customer service manager and one of the first things they will do is make a colour appointment for you. Your Simonds Homes colour consultant will guide you through the selection of colours and finishes to your new home from the wide range of options that are available from Australia's top suppliers of new home components and accessories.

You are able to make small cosmetic changes to your new home at this point. Once your colour appointment is completed, we finalise a complete set of working drawings with detailed variations.

With all this information in hand the contracts administrator will finalise all costs relative to the site, such as site works and any other foreseeable charges to the site including service connections and council conditions.

You are now well on your way, ready to move to stage 5 and meet your contract administrator!


Your contract administrator will present to you a contract document file. In this file you will find:

  • Three sets of contract documents:
  • Two for yourself to keep and
  • One that needs to be signed and returned to Simonds Homes.

The contract documents include a full working agenda, full set of working drawings, specifications, and a building contract. Simonds Homes uses the standard Housing Industry Association (HIA) new home contract. This HIA contract satisfies all legislative requirements. You are entitled to seek your own advice and we will be pleased to answer any questions you may have.

It is important to check these documents to ensure that everything that has been discussed with your New Home Sales Consultant has been incorporated. After checking that all items are satisfactory the document will need to be authorised by you and you will then be ready for the next stage of our pre-construction process.


In some cases, depending on the council and the type of block title that you are building on, an approval may be needed from the planning department prior to the application being accepted for a building permit. If this is the case, a planning application will be submitted prior to the preparation of contract documents.

The time taken to obtain approval for permits is dependant on the council. It depends on complexity, workload of the council, or extra requirements by the council. Your Customer Relationship Coordinator (CRC) will do everything to minimise the time taken, but ultimately we ask you to appreciate that this process is often beyond Simonds Homes control.

Occasionally it may be necessary to make modifications to the design or siting in order to secure the building permit. This will give rise to a variation, if there are any cost adjustments, they can be incorporated at the pre-start stage.

Get ready, your dream is about to turn into reality... ready, set, start building!


Whilst we are building your new dream home your contact point will be one of our dedicated friendly Customer Relationship Coordinators (CRC).

Your on-site CRC is there to answer any questions and provide an update on the progress of your new home.

The on-site activities will be managed by our Construction Supervisor. They are responsible for constructing your new home as per the final contract plans. Their knowledge and experience will ensure that each stage of construction is completed to the highest standard and quality.

The CRC will manage appointments with yourself and the Supervisor at particular stages to discuss progress on your new home.

Finally, a handover meeting will be set for you to inspect your finished Simonds Home Easy home for the first time. Your Simonds Site Supervisor will take you on a thorough inspection of your home to ensure everything has been done in accordance with the plans and specifications. At the hand over stage Simonds will attend to any applicable concerns you have about your finished home to ensure you are satisfied.


We will arrange a meeting for you to finalise settlement where you will receive your keys and any other pertinent information relating to your new home.

At the key handover meeting, you will be requested to complete a handover report where you have the opportunity to make comment on your experience dealing with Simonds Homes. The report covers all departments and gives Simonds Homes a valuable insight into how well systems are operating and which areas require improvement.

The report is completed and the Customer Relationship Coordinator (CRC) then hands over all warranty documentation including instruction manuals, keys, remote controls, contact details for service connections, a list of do's and don'ts and a comprehensive run through of all items to ensure a smooth move in procedure with everything in proper working order.

You are also requested to finalise any outstanding payments via a bank cheque at the meeting. The 3 month warranty and 7 year structural guarantee will also be explained.

Other issues that will be covered include care and maintenance of your home, termite protection warranty obligations and reimbursement of council crossover fees and bonds if applicable.

All new homes have a settling period. As homes become more lived in and materials adjust to various climate changes, there is sometimes a requirement for minor repair work to be carried out. After living in the home for 3 months, a Post Construction Warranty Form is completed by the client and sent to Simonds Homes for rectification work to be completed. Appliances are covered by the manufacturer's normal warranty.

Simonds Homes also offer a 7 year structural guarantee covering items such as concrete foundations, structural brickwork and structural timbers. It does not however cover damage caused by storms or natural disasters. We encourage clients to insure their homes with adequate protection. Both the Post Construction Warranty and the Structural Guarantee are transferable to future owners of the home.

Simonds Homes have a full time Maintenance Customer Relationship Coordinator who will ensure that all rectification work is carried out in a timely manner with minimum disruption to the client.

Please feel free to contact us at any time should you wish to discuss any of the steps outlined or other issues of concern.

Thank you for considering Simonds Homes.

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